J W Hughes & Co Staff

Conveyancing Department:
Solicitors & Associates:
Nick Passey np@jwhlaw.co.uk

Kim Wilkinson kw@jwhlaw.co.uk
Rhys Lewis rl@jwhlaw.co.uk
Support Staff:
Shirley Cunningham shirleyc@jwhlaw.co.uk
Avril Roberts avril@jwhlaw.co.uk

Personal Injury & Civil Litigation
Solicitors & Associates:
Alun Thomas awt@jwhlaw.co.uk
Ian Williams ijw@jwhlaw.co.uk

Support Staff:
Ellen Cooper ellen@jwhlaw.co.uk (Reception)

Louise Williams louise@jwhlaw.co.uk

Office Administration
Gillian Townsend gill@jwhlaw.co.uk
Joanne Smith jo@jwhlaw.co.uk (Reception)
Louise Jones louise.jones@jwhlaw.co.uk


Dear Debra

Thank you for all the time you have spent dealing with my divorce, everything you have done for me and all the kind and helpful advice that you have given me.  Best wishes

Mrs B