Don Roberts - Solicitor

Legal Specialities
I Specialise in Criminal Law, Litigation and Management.

I assist people/clients in bringing a successful resolution to their legal problems often at a time when they find themselves in an extremely stressful situation. I do feel proud of the fact that during my legal career a significant number of my clients; and indeed of my opponents (after conclusion of a case) have indicated that I would always be their Solicitor of choice.

Many years as a qualified Solicitor the last 30 or so of which have been spent as a Partner with J W Hughes & Co.

I studied Law at University following careers advice by what I choose to remember as enlightened teaching staff at the Grammar School which I attended. Thereafter secured articles in the Leicestershire/Nottingham area and remained with the same Firm (becoming a Junior Partner) until moving back to North Wales to join J W Hughes & Co.

Favourite Quote
“Make time in time while time lasts. Time is no time when time is past.”