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J W Hughes & Co is firmly established as one of the leading firms of criminal lawyers in North Wales with an exceptional reputation in all aspects of criminal law, from minor motoring offences to more serious and complex criminal matters. We take pride in our ability to provide professional, skilled and knowledgeable advice.

Headed by our specialist solicitors, Don Roberts and Graham Parry, our Criminal Defence Team offer 24-hour police station representation and can provide assistance in all levels of Court Proceedings, whether that be in the Youth Court, the adult Magistrates’ Court or the Crown Court. In your hour of need, J W Hughes & Co. can provide urgent and efficient legal representation.

Having established a reputation of more than 100 years as an operational law firm, our relationship with various professional agencies and experts is vital in ensuring that our clients receive the best possible legal assistance within the criminal law field. We work alongside extremely experienced barristers, who we have selected onto our panel, having ensured that they meet our expectations in professional standards.

Our team provides assistance whether prior to, or at , police stations, so if you have been asked to attend on a voluntary basis then do not hesitate to contact us directly on 01492 596596 or email us at

All clients have the benefit of Free Legal Advice when being asked to attend at a Police station and it is not means assessed. So do not worry about how much you would be expected to pay, act now as obtaining legal representation when being interviewed by the Police can be vital to your defence. Should you find yourself, or a family member, arrested without prior notice then immediately ask the Police to contact J W Hughes & Co Solicitors. They will have our details and an out-of-hours contact number.

If you have suddenly been summoned to Court, or have been charged with an offence having been unable consult a solicitor, do not delay any further, contact our criminal defence solicitors at our Conwy Office where our lawyers will be happy to assist.

Contact J W Hughes & Co Criminal Defence Solicitors in Conwy North Wales - 01492 596596

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We would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for your help, as such short notice, with the matter of our son. The matter has been resolved, with the utmost efficiency, and professionalism, which lessened the stress of the situation for us. Mr & Mrs O