Employment Legal Advice | JW Hughes

Our specialist solicitor, Joseph Hendron, has a wealth of experience across all areas of employment issues. He can provide advice to those who seek clarity on new employment contracts, advising people on possible claims of unfair dismissal and drafting compromise agreements on behalf of employers.

Here at J W Hughes & Co we understand the importance of employees being given an equal opportunity within the workplace. Employment Law is a complex field which regularly changes. Employees often don’t know their rights. Our knowledge and experience can assist those when workplace relationships break down and it is possible that you may be at risk of losing your job.

Our wealth of experience can provide confidence and reassurance with a specialist who is able to empathise with your situation and provide clear comprehensive advice. When you’re involved in a disagreement at work, emotions can run high as job security becomes of great concern. Here at JW Hughes we are able to explain your employment rights and help you make decisions on the best route in achieving the right outcome for you.

We understand that there are costs involved in hiring an employment specialist and, as a result, we offer free, initial advice, over the phone or by appointment. We also run a free Legal Advice drop in clinic every Tuesday between the hours of 4pm and 5.15pm. Don’t be concerned about seeking advice, we provide clear confidential and insightful information on all matters of employment law and we pride ourselves on ensuring clarity when it comes to our costs.

Whether you are an Employee or Employer, we can assist with all manners of enquires contact us today on 01492 874774 or mail@jwhlaw.co.uk for fast, friendly advice from your local Solicitors in Llandudno & Conwy North Wales.

Thank you so much for all your help & advice. It has been a rough ride, but we got there in the end. Miss D