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In April 2013 the Government made significant changes to the eligibility of Legal Funding. The new act removes some types of cases from the scope of legal aid funding, and stipulates that other cases will only qualify when they meet certain criteria.

Below is a list of matters which you may be eligible for Legal Aid subject to you satisfying the evidential requirement and means assessment. Depending on your income you may be asked to pay a monthly contribution towards your legal aid funding. 

Family Law Cases

  • Public Law Family Proceedings – regarding the protection of children where public bodies are involved.
  • Domestic Abuse cases where you are seeking a protective injunction
  • Family cases where there is evidence  that you are a victim of domestic abuse
  • Children cases where there is evidence of child abuse and the protective party requires funding
  • Children cases where the court has made the child a party to the case (representation for the child party only)

To check whether you might be eligible for Legal Aid please visit

Criminal Defence Cases

Legal Aid is available for all but the most minor motoring offences. A means assessment is often required for serious offences and depending on your income you may be asked to make a monthly contribution towards your legal fees.

Please contact a member of our Criminal Defence Team for more information on whether you will be eligible.

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