Debt & Housing Advice

Debt Matters

At J W Hughes & Co we have a long history in providing assistance to those who are experiencing financial difficulties. We understand that asking for help from a qualified and experienced specialist is the first step in getting back on track with any financial problem.

If you are a private individual who is being pursued by debt collectors or a business who is being chased by creditors we can provide a wide range of debt management services to suit your current financial status. We can provide advice on bankruptcy and county court judgments all on a competitive private fee paying basis.

In times of financial hardship we offer straightforward practical advice and support. Our initial consultation is free with no hidden costs. Your options will be explained, leaving you with the confidence and knowledge to decide on what appropriate action you wish to take in order to resolve your situation. Take control today and call us free for a confidential chat on 01492 874774 and ask for a member of our litigation team.

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