National Safeguarding Week Wales

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This week is National Safeguarding Week – #Safeguarding #Wales

Safeguarding is important because we all want to keep people safe and you can make a big difference in this by letting people know if someone needs help. If you know an adult or a child who may be suffering from abuse you are encouraged to share your concerns with those who can help them.

This year the week runs from 13 to 19 November and has been established by the Welsh Government to raise awareness of safeguarding issues. This year the focus is on children’s safeguarding and to raise awareness Welsh Government are launching a campaign called “Make the Call”.

There are some common signs that a young person may be at risk of harm, abuse or neglect. These could include:

unexplained changes in behaviour or personality
becoming withdrawn
seeming anxious
becoming uncharacteristically aggressive
lacks social skills and has few friends

For more information about types of abuse and more signs of abuse visit the NSPCC webpages.

Your call can make the difference in keeping a child or a vulnerable adult safe and you can share your concerns anonymously. If they are in immediate danger call 999. If it is not an emergency, call your local social services. Alternatively, you can call 101. If you need the help of a solicitor our professional staff can advise you in confidence in family or criminal matters and you can contact them on 01492 874774 or 596596.