Relationship Breakdown? How we can help

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How we can ease your stress during a relationship breakdown

Our expert team of family lawyers will be there for you throughout your divorce, separation or dissolution and we help to reduce stress by providing expert advice on the legal process, giving guidance on your best options, completing all the paperwork on your behalf, corresponding with the Court and the other parties involved, preparing financial breakdowns and providing you with realistic expectations of the outcome. As no two families or breakups are the same, we will provide bespoke, confidential advice, which is completely designed around you, helping you come to the best conclusion for both you and your family.

Getting to know us and you

A relationship breakdown can often be a distressing time where you may need to disclose sensitive and personal information to us. Your client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and we will respect your privacy and will not judge you. At JW Hughes & Co our family lawyers have had years of experience of dealing with all sorts of cases and they can provide the expert advice you need. 

Do we provide emotional as well as legal support?

Going through a relationship breakdown can be a very emotionally demanding process and we understand that by acknowledging the difficult time you are going through, but we will remain focused on your future. Whilst we will provide a degree of emotional support, we will also maintain a professional approach allowing us to give objective advice, emphasise positive relationships and allow you time to consider the decisions you are making.

Advice for someone facing a relationship breakdown

If your relationship has broken down, we suggest that you seek legal advice at an early stage. Meeting one of our team will inform you of your options and the next steps by focussing on the issues. If children are involved, we encourage you to put them first and try to reduce the impact the relationship breakdown has on them as much as possible.

The value of legal advice

By receiving bespoke legal advice from us at JW Hughes & Co., you can make informed decisions that will be the best for you and your family both now and in the future. You can make sure any necessary assets are protected and have childcare arrangements put in place to minimise the impact on the children. We will help you to reach the best conclusion in a time and cost-effective manner. When a separation is approached with expert legal advice, you are less likely to run into further problems and disagreements in the future, allowing you to focus on building a future for yourself and your family.

At JW Hughes & Co. we offer a free 30-minute initial appointment so you can meet one of the family team and have an initial chat with them about the issues you are facing. We also have a free legal advice clinic at our Llandudno office every Tuesday from 4pm.

If you would like more information or to book an appointment to see one of our family team contact: Philip Kentish , Joseph Hendron, Natalie Grimshaw-Jones and Alaw Pari at our Llandudno office on 01492 874774 or Debra Carroll at our Conwy office on 01492 596596.