Inheritance Disputes

Here at J W Hughes & Co. we understand that following the death of a family member, disagreements can often arise when a decision has been made before death about who or what is to be included or excluded in a Will and whether a Will is considered valid. Emotions can naturally run high and the only way to gain perspective is to seek expert guidance.

Our solicitor, Nick Passey,  can give you clear and specialist advice to assist you in establishing if you have a potential case against an estate and what you would need to do to obtain a fair and just settlement. We offer calm, friendly and professional advice, so if you want to dispute any part of a Will, or the entire estate, we can explain what your rights are.

Disputing an estate in a complex area of law and we will take you through your options, discuss cost implications and explain time scales before we undertake any work on your behalf.

For inheritance dispute advice please call J W Hughes & Co. Solicitors  Conwy Office on 01492 596596