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Whether you are married or in a civil partnership your financial matters in the eyes of the law can been seen as joint matrimonial assets.  Some people when focusing on ending a marriage or civil partnership do not understand the importance of dealing with the division of assets and it can often cause confusion, upset and disagreement.

Relationship breakdown can be resolved on amicable terms.  It is important to ensure that any financial agreement is recorded and legally binding especially when there are children involved. 

It is important that all parties within a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership provide full financial disclosure. This will mean that parties have to tell one another all about their property and asset ownership. This includes details of any cash held, stocks, shares or investments, property and mortgage liabilities, pensions and so on.  It is important that all parties are able to consider the total value of all matrimonial assets before entering negotiations on a suitable settlement.

Here at J W Hughes & Co. our specialist solicitors are able to provide you with clear comprehensive advice on all manners of financial settlements. To include the transfer of ownership of  property, maintenance payments, pension sharing and lump sum payments. Our solicitors are based in Llandudno and Conwy in beautiful North Wales.

Our goal is to try and obtain an agreement through negotiations or mediation. In the majority of cases agreements can be reached between separating couples and the agreement can be made legally binding by way of a consent order which is a more cost effective way. However, we know that this is not possible in some case and, therefore, it is necessary to ask the Court for assistance and enter into a more formal process. Our team of specialists can provide advice and legal representation in ensuring the appropriate application is made to the Court and that you are competently represented at the Court.

The Court will be asked to consider all the marital circumstances and come to a decision on how the assets should be divided, when parties cannot reach an agreement. The Court will consider the children, the standard of living, other finances and assets.

A final order will be binding on both parties. It is very hard for such an order to be varied in the event that one party takes issue with the financial settlement.

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